HIPAA Compliant Medical Websites

We design patient focused , user friendly premium websites, which are the reflection of the facility & medical specialty they represent. They are clean, professional, attractive, safe and secure and also they are complied with HIPAA Standards & Regulations. All our medical & healthcare websites are created in such a way that they perfectly communicate your business values & mission.
We strive to give our clients a website that can evoke a level of trust among their customers and patients. A website must be easy to use and also emphasize the expertise of the staff. Our medical web designs are custom crafted & tailored to boost your online reputation, educate your users, provide them with easy-to-use & easy-to-understand platform along with creating a stronger relationship between the brand and their potential patients.

We understand the importance of your patients’ privacy and so we work hard to offer you the best as per the HIPPA Standards.

Consider the following things while working with an HIPAA Compliant Medical Website:

  • Information must ALWAYS be encrypted.
  • Regularly backed up and is recoverable.
  • HIPAA compliant online appointment system
  • Access to the information should only be to the authorized personnel.
  • Information is not altered and tampered with.
  • Permanently Disposal of information when required.
  • Websites & server should be secured by HIPAA standards.
  • Secured online forms.

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While working with us you will never feel HIPAA as a burden, in fact, we help you utilize the advantages & benefits of HIPAA Standards & Regulations in your favor. We help you set yourself apart from your competition by promoting ‘Confidence’ & ‘Trust’ in security. As medical & healthcare website designing Experts, our ultimate goal is to create a perfect balance between HIPAA compliance and practicality & that we are able to do through our intensive and deep understanding of HIPAA laws & regulations. We know what we are doing & we know we are doing great.