HIPAA Compliant Website

While HIPAA compliance is becoming an important aspect of any medical website, a thorough and in-depth know-how is must before you go online with your medical website. There are many agencies specializing in medical websites and offering an assistance regarding HIPAA compliance and its safety. WebnHealth has not only made it possible to offer the latest & streamline HIPAA compliance services to our clients, but we are also able to offer them at a really affordable price. HIPPA compliance proactively helps the physicist/doctors in avoiding all the expensive add-on security measures they need in their medical/healthcare website. It also helps in reducing the medical errors, increasing the overall customer satisfaction and trust.
Following are some of the most important factors to consider while developing & hosting a brand new medical website or updating an existing healthcare website to be HIPAA compliant:

  • ePHI (Electronic protected Health Information) that is being transported is always encrypted.
  • ePHI (Information) stored or archived must always be encrypted.
  • ePHI needs to be regularly backed up & should be recoverable.
  • ePHI is only accessible by authorized personnel using unique and audited control.
  • ePHI is not tempered with or altered to maintain the integrity.
  • Web hosting on servers should be secured as per the HIPAA security rule requirements.

ADA Compliant Website

ADA-Americans with Disabilities Act is one of the important compliance and feature your medical & healthcare website should have. As per this act, a medical website should be easily accessible by those having a wide range of disabilities. The main aim of ADA is to ensure that people with disabilities can participate completely in an American life and now, the reality is that much of the American life occurs on the Internet. Also, the gap between the Internet & medical services is filling fast and both are now going side by side. Therefore, it is very necessary to have your medical website as per ADA standards in order to offer an extra benefit and a freedom to the people with special need.
ADA compliant website has a bunch of benefits like it increases the organic search of the website and draws more audience to the website. The overall brand awareness is improved with the ADA compliance and it also helps in yielding higher rankings in SERP.
Ensuring your healthcare & medical website is ADA compliant not only keeps you away from the unwanted legal consequence but also ensures that anyone who needs to access your website can do it properly like everybody else out there. Following are some of the important features your website must have in order to be ADA compliant:

  • Minimum contrast ratio against the background.
  • Keyboard-Only navigable website.
  • Screen reader software compatible Website.
  • Add text to images.
  • Audio descriptions and transcripts in videos.
  • Avoid PDF files.
  • Adjustable color and font sizes.
  • Text scaling up to 200%.

SSL & HTTPS Certificate

HTTP Secure or HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. This extension is a secure version of HTTP in which the communication protocol is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). For any HIPAA compliant healthcare or medical website, this is the must have feature. It offers 100% encryption by providing secure exchange of information and data between the website and the browser hence making it impossible to track or spy on the activities and decreasing the risk of cyber attack. It also prevents an important data from being corrupted or even modified during the transfer. The HTTPS & SSL certificate offers the high degree of authentication by validating the web user helping in building the trust and preventing intruder attacks. This is a must for any business or organization.
SSL is the backbone of secure Internet and a path to the safer web experience and WebnHealth offers the high-end HTTPS & SSL certification services. Below are given some of the benefits of HTTPS & SSL certificate:

  • Encrypts information & data.
  • Offers authentication.
  • Guards against phishing.
  • Provides extra brand power.
  • Enhances customer trust.
  • Boosts SEO & Google ranking of the website.
  • Adjustable color and font sizes.
  • Secures payment activities.

Responsive Website Design and Content

While designing a website, it is very important to consider the web behavior, surrounding and the past online experience of the user. This way, a responsive website can be designed in such a way that it yields maximum possible outcome from the website. Responsive web designs encourage users to browse the web with ease. It also allows the potential audience of your website to visit your it from any device they have, this further increases the traffic on your business/brand’s website. Along with the responsive website, the content of the website plays an important role and is considered the soul of any website. Hence, a special care has to be taken while going for the content as it can either be a blessing to your website or even curse if not taken seriously. WebnHealth delivers attractive, user-friendly and responsive websites with catchy and engaging content for it. It has the well-qualified team of web designers and content writers determined to give their best.
Both responsive website design and its content goes side-by-side and are equally responsible for the success of any website, especially medical/healthcare websites. There are many helpful features that makes a website perfectly responsive and user-friendly. Some of them are listed below:

  • Compatible with all the devices.
  • Supports all the available browsers.
  • Enhances the SEO results.
  • Attracts more sales and conversions.
  • Less Maintenance.
  • Convenient analytic reports.
  • Overall better user-experience.

Online Appointment System

Online appointment system is a must have website feature when you are expecting to get appointment bookings online. WebnHealth specializes in delivering seamless Online Appointment Solutions for physicians, doctors, and healthcare providers. Our portfolio includes some of the high-performing appointment booking solutions for leading medical & healthcare organizations. Our experts combine their technical skills with the innovative ideas to provide an ideal solution that can meet your key requirements in best possible way. Our online appointment systems are designed with an aim to eliminate the huge gap between the doctors and the patients. Our team of developers strives to deliver up-to-the-mark online appointment solutions for the better user experience.
For any medical or healthcare website, it is requisite to have an online appointment system that can be beneficial for both the doctors and the patients. Below are some of the key benefits of an online appointment system:

  • Offers flexibility of booking online.
  • Provides emergency services.
  • Offers history of old appointments.
  • Automated-booking reminders.
  • Unlimited appointments & services.
  • Statistical Dashboard for the management.

Secure Online Patient Forms

WebnHealth aims to create a reliable way to allow patients to fill their personal details and submit them securely to the medical or healthcare organization. The online forms are encrypted to ensure that the data and information submitted is transferred and stored in a secured format. Our HIPAA compliant patient forms are the safe and secure way to get the required information about the patients making it easier for the healthcare providers to understand the case and offer the best treatment to the patients. The organization can even check the status o of the patients’ form and can have all the important and essential documents and information even before the actual visit of the patient to the center. The added feature of secured online patient form to the website allows the physician or doctor to spend more quality time with the patients and creates an impression of doctor being tech savvy and updated with the technology.
Its always advisable to the physicians/doctors to have their medical website updated with the secured online patient form as it creates an essence of trust in the patients towards the organization and helps in building greater customer base. Few important key points about Secure Online Patient Form are given below:

  • Convenient way to gather all the information.
  • HIPAA compliant online forms.
  • Helps in validating the medical insurance before-hand.
  • Eliminates unnecessary paperwork.
  • Easy to fill and submit.
  • Safe & secured.

Before and After Pictures

At WebnHealth, we believe in result-oriented medical websites. Displaying the “before & after” pictures right on your website helps convey your message in an impactful and direct manner. When the potential customer visits your website, after going through your working history and achievements, the chances of them going for your medical services rises. We help the physicians and doctors to get the most from the ‘before & after” pictures of the patients. The more you display, the better results it fetches for your organization. It is very important to use these images strategically as they are the potential selling points for people visiting your website. With our detail-oriented approach for utilizing the “before & after” pictures of patients, we are able to convey the exact message what a physician or a doctor wants to give to the patients. “Before & After” pictures targets the patients right at their psychological level.
An extra time taken for these images is always fruitful as they play a significant role for any medical website. Always remember that these “before & after” photographs of your cases show potential patients exactly what you have to offer.

  • They can get you more conversion and sales.
  • Helps in creating a psychology in patients.
  • Offers engaging content for the website.
  • Conveys the exact message from doctors to patients.
  • They help create a connection.
  • Helps in displaying the achievements & success.

Patient Portal Integration

WebnHealth offers a complete patient portal integration solution t comprising of all the essential and must-have features like secure messaging, family authorized access, view, download, transmit, print option and many more. It is very important for any healthcare or medical organizations to understand their business goals and requirements when integrating a patient portal or its replacement. It is observed that strong & secure messaging support along with seamless and hassle-free patient data access enables patients and medical service providers take relationship-building advantages. Efficient and result-generating patient portal usage depends on how safe & secure messaging feature and access to the data is and we offer highly secured patient portal integration solutions to our clients for their medical websites.
We always prefer to work together with our clients to determine the best suitable approach for their medical website and overall business. We help them with the integration and branding of their website right from the scratch. Some of our most popular features include:

  • Live Online Scheduling with automatic reminders.
  • Unlimited form creations and updates.
  • Patients broadcast feature.
  • Multiple location support if available.
  • Convenient messaging and reminders.
  • Online billing and payment feature.
  • Safe & secured integration.

Printer Friendly Pages

With all the essential features and add-ons like patient portal integration, secure patients’ online form, reminders, online appointments, etc., it becomes very important to consider the printability of all these information in correct and efficient way. It is always advisable to have a website that has printer friendly pages. All the important information and data should be able to get printed on hard pages whenever required. Their spacing, fonts, font color and the background color should be so adjusted that it offers a viewable and efficient printouts to both the doctors as well as the patients. Our well-experienced web designers at WebnHealth understands the importance of printouts and its efficient usage and hence they create the websites to deliver the best view options and suitable printing features to the user.
It is observed that many people prefer to print a page for their later reference. With the help of proper tools and techniques, a website can be made printer friendly which then increases the usability and accessibility for those who visit your medical website. Important points to remember while creating a printer friendly website:

  • The web page should have proper margins while printing.
  • The font size and color.
  • The background color and texture.
  • Scalability and measurable.
  • Should gather maximum data in less space.
  • Easy to view and copy.
  • Efficient and environment-friendly.

Patient Education

The Internet offers a great source of information to patients who seek online medical facts and help. There are innumerable websites and blogs showing the important medical tips or must-known medical facts online giving away both valid and invalid information very easily to the patients. Considering the current behavior of patients, they are more likely to come across such information with just a click irrespective of the validation of the information. Moreover, it is found that physicians often complain that their patients usually bring some piece of paper or fact sheet with them creating an undesired scenario regarding the disease in their mind. Even a light headache is showed like a brain tumor in such websites. This is why, physicians and healthcare providers should provide a valid, correct and inspected information to the patients regarding the ill-condition and diseases. Hence, patient education plays an important role in the success of any healthcare organization.
Complete and updated knowledge is always preferred. Educating the patients regarding diseases, health-tips, medical-facts through the medical website can be beneficial to both patients as well as the doctors. Moreover, it gives an impression of doctors being careful and interested in sharing the rightful information with the patients. This further helps in building trust.

  • Correct & valid information.
  • Fact-sheets.
  • Demographics.
  • “Before & After” pictures.
  • Blogs on healthy habits and tips.
  • General awareness.
  • Myth-busters posts for social media.