Domain Names

A medical website name (URL) or domain name is one of the very first, crucial and really important decisions businesses must make when beginning an online web presence and online marketing campaign. Unfortunately, very few businesses consider how their website (domain) name will influence their customers, and here ‘the patients’. So It is very important to choose the correct domain name(s) for your medical speciality as it represents the overall business. The right selection of domain name can truly define your website’s success.
Some of the important factors to consider when selecting a best suited domain names are :
  • Short but easy to remember, easy to type, & easy to say
  • Predictable but catchy and unique name
  • Memorable & brand friendly business Name
  • Medical speciality’s with its motto, vision, & goal
  • Go after .com
  • SEO friendly
  • Target your customer
  • Consider using keywords
  • Avoid Hyphens & numbers
  • Act fast to register
Having a SEO friendly, concise but easy to remember, unique & memorable domain name can surprisingly enhance your web search results, brings more traffic to your medical website and thus can help you acquire more new patients. The medical website (domain) name selected by considering one or more of the above factors can help visitors and patients to find your website easily, at the right place, in the right time.

Maximum Performance – Cloud Storage

WebnHealth is a premium & high-end Linux Hosting provider company. Our company delivers enterprise-grade shared hosting solutions to various business houses and individuals. We offer state-of-the-art Linux Web and server Hosting services packages, if you wish to use PHP, MySQL or Pearl together with variety of software programs or open-source. Our company offers state of the art, high-end Linux Hosting services.


If you want maximum performance for your site, but you do not have the resources to manage your own dedicated server, the easiest option is choosing a web hosting package that runs in a cluster equipped with SSD storage technology.


We offer fast, secure and protected web hosting services for your business.

Hosting Features
We offer flexible and easy-to-use control panel for web hosting that is backed up with the unlimited sub domains, bandwidth and email accounts. Moreover our service offers around 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Cloud Computing
We have specialized and modern infrastructure for your web hosting plans. This system is highly scalable and upgraded with peak-performance. We also offer the maximum possible stability of Cloud Computing Architecture which then results in minimum time of loading of your website.

Email Features
Our web hosting services comes with an unlimited Email Accounts and WebMail Accesses. Some salient features are unlimited mail forwards and auto-responders, cellphone compatibility via IMAP support, SpamAssassin, and email aliases.

cPanel Control Panel
We offer standard control panel solutions for the complete business and web operations. Even with the low level of experience of Internet and web management, one can easily master the operations of the cPanel we offer.

Automatic Backup
Our dedicated services also include the auto-backup system for your website. This way, all your required data is safe and secured.

24X7 Protection
In order to keep your website always healthy and working, our dedicated team of online security monitors your website and mobile app and keeps it safe from any possible suspicious activities and cyber attacks.