ADA Compliant Healthcare & Medical Website

ADA – Americans with Disability Act is one of the important compliance your medical & healthcare website should fulfill. It is not mandatory yet but coming future shows an even importance of this act and so we offer our website designs with ADA standards if our clients asks for it.
Its central purpose is to ensure people with disabilities can participate fully in American life and now, the reality is that much of the American life occurs on the Internet. The gap between the Internet & medical services is filling fast and both are now going side by side.
Most of the medical services in healthcare industry these days occur completely online from inquiry to booking, payment and many more. Therefore, it is very necessary to have your medical website as per ADA standards in order to offer an extra benefit and a freedom to the people with special need.
Ensuring your company website is ADA compliant is not only important to avoid legal consequence but also important to ensure that anyone who needs to access your website can do it properly like everybody else out there.

While working on ADA website, we take care of the following things:

  • Fonts Size
  • Font and Background Color
  • Keyboard-Friendly Website
  • Easy-to-Spot Important Features
  • User-Friendly Website

If you are going for a new website or already have one for your business and you need an ADA compliance for it, then our professionals are all set and ready to help you out with it. Our ADA experts deliver an exceptionally designed website that fulfills and even exceeds all the ADA requirements. Moreover, they are designed to deliver an unbeatable web experience like never before.